Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"If You Like Pina Colada's..."

Ah, there’s nothing much better than feeling as though you are sitting on a beach in the Caribbean sipping on a well blended Pina Colada! Well, except if that was actually the case :)

Unfortunately, a trip to the Caribbean wasn’t in the mixer, but Pina Colada cupcakes made with fresh coconut were! Pina Colada Cake with a Coconut Buttercream and topped with freshly sweetened coconut!

These cupcakes were made from scratch using a fresh coconut and nothing canned or packaged; from drilling the eyes of the coconut, cracking the shell, and draining the juice to shredding and sweetening the coconut flesh! A bit time consuming, but oh so worth the end result! Yum!



Monday, July 21, 2008

And We're Off!!

Well, here it goes; our first blog post! Here at confetti cupcakery, we are very passionate about baking, specifically about baking cupcakes! For us, it’s quite therapeutic to come home after a long day and just bake; whether it’s our tried and true recipes or a new creation!

Great ingredients, amazing flavors, and a true love for what we do are three of the most important factors that are put into every cupcake creation!

We wanted to start off the blog with our signature flavors: A moist Golden Vanilla Cake with a smooth Chocolate Mousse Buttercream and an amazingly rich Chocolate Cake with a Vanilla Bean Buttercream! Both cupcakes are topped with our signature “Confetti” Sprinkles!

I also must point out that all photography seen on this blog is done by Christopher Patrick Photography!! (Our other passion in life!!)