Friday, March 27, 2009

A Year In Pictures!

Hey everyone!

So it turns out that one of our most unusual flavors; Chocolate and Bacon, has actually turned into one of our most popular! They are always the first to sell out at the farmers market! I mean, whats not to love about combining two of America's favorite flavors together: Pork and Dark Chocolate??

Our Chocolate and Bacon cupcakes are described as follows:

A rich, moist Chocolate Cake with finely chopped salted-hickory smoked bacon baked in, all frosted with a Deep Dark Chocolate Buttercream! To top it off, we add a small strip of chocolate covered bacon!

I must say, Joseph (pictured below) took his love for the Chocolate and Bacon cupcake to a whole new level! Here he is, standing in front of the Beer and Wine Garden at the market, taking a self portrait with his newly purchased cupcake!

After he ate the cupcake, he explained that he was doing a year of his life in pictures and a Chocolate and Bacon cupcake was worthy of recognition! :)

Everyone come by for a taste of some great and *unique* flavors!!


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