Thursday, May 7, 2009

Menu for 5/10 Farmers Market!!

Hey Everyone!

As promised below, I am going to start posting our menu for the upcoming farmer's market! We typically have between 7 and 9 different flavors to choose from; including our regulars and then a few featured flavors!

These are the flavors that will be available this weekend:

Signature Chocolate: Moist Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Bean Frosting topped with our Signature "Confetti"

Triple Chocolate: Moist Chocolate Cake studded with White and Dark Chocolate Chips with a Dark Chocolate Frosting

Hostess Fauxstess: Moist Chocolate Cake with a Vanilla Cream filling topped with Dark Chocolate Ganache and that signature "Hostess" swirl

Red Velvet: Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Butter Cream frosting and red sprinkles

Guava: Guava infused cake with Cream Cheese Butter Cream frosting topped with a sliver of Guava paste

Signature Vanilla: Moist Vanilla Bean cake with Rich Chocolate Frosting topped with our Signature "Confetti"

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Moist Vanilla Bean Cake with chocolate chip cookie dough baked in batter and mixed in with our Vanilla Bean Frosting. Topped with a freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookie

Maple French Toast with (or without) Bacon: Maple, Cinnamon Sugar Cake with a Maple Cream Cheese Buttercream topped with Hickory smoked bacon pieces! (Optional) -- Inspired by one of my favorite foodie magazines: The Food Network Magazine!!

We hope to see everyone out there for a beautiful Sunday and a beautiful Mother's Day!


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