Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bats and Rainbows!

Hey Everyone!

I thought it was time for a little update here! We have now been attending the Downtown Orlando Farmers Market for over two months now! It's been going great and we can't wait for the upcoming Fall months! It seems like the weather is finally trying to cool down here!

Each week, we have our standard favorite cupcakes on hand but we also try and mix it up with a feature flavor and/or feature theme! We have featured flavors such as Guava and Cream Cheese (Guava infused Cake with a Cream Cheese Frosting), Strawberry and Mango (Fresh Strawberry Cake and Carmelized Mango Buttercream), Banana and Nutella (Moist Banana Cake and a Nutella Buttercream), plus many more!

This week, we decided to get into the Fall spirit and do some fun theming around that! We also did some great rainbow cupcakes to go along with Downtown Orlando's annual Come Out with Pride Parade and festivities!

Here are some great pictures of our cupcakes and the market this week!

And here are some great pictures of our booth, neighbors, and where the musicians and Beer and Wine Garden take place!

This is Rico and Evelyn! They have been at the Farmers Market for the past four years serving up the BEST Mexican and Puerto Rican food I have ever tasted! They have been so successful at the market, that they are about to open a restaurant in Downtown. For those of you who live in Orlando, please visit El Coqui Mexicano on the corner of Bumby and Washington!

I promise to update this a little more often, but thank you again to all of those who continue to stop by our booth! We are always happy to see everyone out there!

See you Sunday!

Jess and Chris

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loves to decorate said...

OMG - Those Cupcakes are amazing! The creativity and detailing that went into those Halloween ones were great! And how you were able to get all those colors of cake into one....the world may never know!